Enable Copy & Paste in VMware vSphere 6.7

If you want to enable copy & paste on VMware vSphere 6.7 do the following:

  1. Disable Lockdown Mode if it is enabled and start the SSH service
  2. Log in to the ESX/ESXi host as a root user.
  3. Take a backup of the /etc/vmware/config file.

Open the /etc/vmware/config file using a text editor and add these entries to the file:

vmx.fullpath = "/bin/vmx"

Or you can just copy and paste this:

grep -i 'vmx.fullpath = "/bin/vmx"' /etc/vmware/config || echo 'vmx.fullpath = "/bin/vmx"' >> /etc/vmware/config
grep -i 'isolation.tools.copy.disable="FALSE"' /etc/vmware/config || echo 'isolation.tools.copy.disable="FALSE"' >> /etc/vmware/config
grep -i 'isolation.tools.paste.disable="FALSE"' /etc/vmware/config || echo 'isolation.tools.paste.disable="FALSE"' >> /etc/vmware/config

You must reboot each VM on the host (or use vMotion to move the VM back and forth).

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