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Presentations, white papers and guides accumulated over time that I continue to reference and value.

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7656490 2022-06-TrimarcWebcast-10WaysToImproveADSecurityQuickly-Final.pdf
222268 Azure Review Checklists.xlsm
10406101 Certified_Pre-Owned.pdf
407904 CISA ScubaGear M365BaselineConformance_2022_11_01_08_32_30.zip
364596 CISA_CPG_CHECKLIST_508c.pdf
984272 CISA_CPG_Report_508c.pdf
1500104 Classe de vulnérabilités en environnement Active Directory – CERT-FR.pdf
2926867 Improving AD Security Quickly Whitepaper.pdf
7677677 Infrastructure Resilience Planning Framework (IRPF).pdf
1101453 Points de contrôle Active Directory.pdf
1038384 PROTECT - Assessing Security Vulnerabilities and Applying Patches (October 2021).pdf
1131970 PROTECT - Essential Eight Maturity Model (November 2022).pdf
8389931 PROTECT - Hardening Microsoft Windows 10 version 21H1 Workstations (October 2021).pdf
1808559 PROTECT - How to Combat Fake Emails (October 2021).pdf
997907 PROTECT - Implementing Application Control (October 2021).pdf
1186807 PROTECT - Implementing Network Segmentation and Segregation (October 2021).pdf
991442 PROTECT - Microsoft Office Macro Security (October 2021).pdf
881274 PROTECT - Restricting Administrative Privileges (October 2021).pdf
7056710 PROTECT - Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents – Mitigation Details (February 2017).pdf
1000044 PROTECT - Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents (February 2017).pdf
1594936 PROTECT - Windows Event Logging and Forwarding (October 2021).pdf
447229 PSO Cyberscurity Council Draft Standards 07132022.pdf