Cybersecurity | Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Built using Hugo, Github and Cloudflare Pages. Why is this stack so awesome?

I am tired of messing around with full blown linux web servers, php, nginx, and mysql to get a simple WordPress site up and running. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun way to learn useful skills, but I am at a point in time where I want to learn something new. I am fed up with rebuilding stuff and spending hours customizing themes and modules. This time I went with something radically different, creating a serverless blog.

Using Hugo as our as the static site generator (SSG), content hosted on Github and leveraging Cloudflare Pages for our JAMstack platform.

While static sites may sounds lame, it is simple and SUPER fast to load, this is one of the main benefits of using an SSG to build a website. In contracts, a CMS like WordPress dynamically pulls information from a database on every page hit.

SSGs require a little more technical skill, but easy enough that anyone can do it. To make things easier, we can use Visual Studio Code and Front Matter plug-in.

You don’t need a linux machine to get started, the toolset (git, hugo) are available for Windows.