Cybersecurity | Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Defense-In-Depth Security Approach

The defense-in-depth approach to security employs a variety of measures, such as technology, controls, policies, and human expertise, across multiple vectors to prevent attacks, reduce detection time, decrease the attack surface, and enhance resiliency and data protection. Whether your infrastructure is hosted on-prem, Azure or AWS, the controls and technology are the same.

Security by Design

Security by Design integrates people, process, and technology strategies into a cohesive, layered defense structure. Security is addressed at every stage of architecture and operations, from planning and design to execution and remediation.

Zero Trust Architecture

Zero Trust Architecture assumes no implicit trust granted to assets or user accounts based solely on their physical or network location. This approach reduces the attacker’s ability to gain traction in the environments Netgain manages by adhering to the Principle of Least Privilege.

The Human Firewall

The Human Firewall is a critical component of a multi-layered defense framework. First, it serves as a human firewall and the primary line of defense against sophisticated attacks. Second, it plays a key role in defined processes to mitigate risk and increase security. Employee awareness and training programs are heavily invested in to educate and continually reinforce security processes.

Multi-layered Security Framework

The Multi-layered Security Framework adopts a layered approach to security that involves multiple barriers of defense. Each layer is assessed separately and in context of the whole, with the right technologies and controls identified and implemented, policies instituted with security in mind, and employees well-trained against potential threats.