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I am a computer enthusiast based in Vancouver, BC with a passion for enterprise infrastructure and security-related work, particularly in on-premise and hybrid cloud environments. This website serves as a personal blog where I can express my thoughts, share my experiences, and occasionally provide helpful guides.

What this blog is about

The information on this site may become outdated over time and could lack complete details, requiring you to conduct further research elsewhere. All the posts shared here serve as a documentation of my explorations and a reference point for my previous thoughts. My goal is to make this site a knowledge aggregator for my personal use, but it may also prove useful for others.


In addition to my full-time job, I actively engage in various projects, time permitting, but my primary focus lies in the following areas:

Outside of projects and work, my aim is to spend as much time as posible with my family.

Work practices

Humans come first

Any team I’ve ever worked in delivers a project through collaboration with people. My goal is to empower these people to be productive and achieve their goals and get out of the way. Technology comes and goes but people remain at the core of everything that I do. I try not to lose sight of that.

Feedback helps everyone be better

Without feedback it’s very easy to fall back into one’s comfort zone or be unaware of weaknesses or issues. I ask for performance feedback frequently and from different parts within an organization. I am also not stingy with providing feedback and constructive criticism - if there is something that bothers me or I feel like has room for improvement, I will have that conversation.

Leadership and knowledge see no level boundaries

Looking at titles to determine whether the person is knowledgeable or has the right perspectives is counterproductive. I treat everyone as someone who is extremely smart, passionate, knows more than I do, and is looking to make the project and experiences I work on better.

How I Work

I was inspired by others having their own “Working with…" document that I had to create my own. It’s a useful tool to set expectations with your coworkers and partners. This is in no way something that I am requiring others to read or try to enforce every single bullet point; it’s a document that provides context on how I personally operate - I do not expect anyone to adjust to my style, but rather consider it as they make their decisions.

Time management

Create inbox rules

There is an inbox rule that I created, that, in my opinion, works really well in determining the top-priority conversations:

I’d like to emphasize that this is not about ignoring email. I want to build great relationships with everyone. That, however, can be done when I have dedicated time for email triage.

Have chunks of uninterrupted time

This sounds really obvious, but does require a level of commitment to having such time. This practice means time that is not split between meetings, interruptions for lunch or browsing your favorite news website or even calls with the bank. The amount of time can vary (you can see a lot of this in the essay) depending on what you do, however for anyone in the tech industry, fixed amounts of focus time allow you to really think through some of the most important ideas, products, prioritization and/or anything else that you need to do for higher impact. Even email. Yes, email - block off some uninterrupted time on your calendar to empty out your inbox and answer every single inquiry there might be pending your input.


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